We Are Waiting

Advent is upon us yet again.

The beautiful, strange and sacred time where we wait expectantly for Jesus, the Messiah.

Our wait for His birth is over.  He has come. The Word was made flesh and it dwelt among us, to the glory of God and His deep, deep love for humanity.

Did you catch that?  God, creator of the universe, is deeply in love with humanity.  So much is His love that His desire, His desire, was for Jesus, His son, to die on our behalf.

Ours should have been death.  Death, instead, was His.  Because of God’s deep, deep love.

But His is also life.  Eternal life.  Death, even death, could not hold Him.  Death, the inescapably cruel law that every living thing must abide by, was made null and void the moment His lifeless lungs drew breath.

When He opened His eyes, the ones death had closed, darkness fled.  Forever.

And all because of His deep, deep love for humanity.

If you are a human, His love is for you.  If human, His death was for you.  If human, His life is for you.

So what are we waiting for if He already came and accomplished His sacrifice for us?

We are waiting for His return.  Because He promised that He would.  And when He returns, every valley will rise up and every mountain be made low.  In other words, perfect peace will reign on earth.  Weapons will become plowshares.  Lions will frolic with lambs. Children will play with vipers.  Peace.  We wait, with longing, for peace. 

But here’s the thing: sometimes I think that we, as Christians, forget that while we wait we are to be ushering in this peace that we are longing for. 

He already gave it to us (John 14:27).  It is now ours to share.

As we careen toward Christmas, (all its good and all its bad) I’d like to reflect on Christmas hymns that cry out for God’s peace to reign.

How do these songs ignite in us a passion for peace on earth?  True Peace.  Not as the world gives (John 14:27) but as God has already given and will bring to perfection when He returns?

Peace should be spill from the lips of every believer.  But far too often, we spew its antonym.

Peace should guide us.  Instead, we are guilty of navigating by the dim light of conflict.

Peace should be our anthem.  And we should never cease its singing.

Because of His deep, deep love for humanity, I want to meditate deeply on peace.  Will you join me?

We simply cannot afford to do otherwise.



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little moon hoping to reflect the Light. writer of stories. mama to sparrow. wife to schmidty. wholy redeemed by the Holy One, Jesus Christ.
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