A Quick Sketch and the Continued Misuse of Irony

I would like to introduce you to someone.

She’s the “she” in yesterday’s post.  The picnic princess.  The true artist.

Here she is.  You can guess which one she is, I’m sure.  This is a portrait she did of her family a few years back.  She’s since had one more beautiful little boy.  His name is August and he has great cheeks.  Her name is Corrie and she has great hair.


While picnicking yesterday, we had an idea.  I was complaining about the pressure of providing photos for blog posts, disliking the way taking a picture forces me to exit the present moment.  Plus Sparrow is constantly saying “can I see the picture you just took of me mama?”…which just makes me feel all weird and worried inside.

So I was complaining.  Corrie was nodding and chewing.  And then the wind suddenly changed directions and the geese flying overhead made sounds reminiscent of delicate wind chimes.

Not true.  That didn’t happen.  But what did happen is this: we formulated a plan.  She’s a drawer, I’m a writer.  She’s a mama, I’m a mama.  Which is to say, we both struggle to give ourselves permission to “do” our art on a regular basis.  There’s hardly time and when there is time, it suddenly disappears under a blanket of toddler sweat and cracker crumbs.

So we commissioned each other, figuring motivation often comes in the form of work assignments and responsibility to others.  Once a week (…errr, maybe once a week.  twice a month maybe?…sporadically but often enough?…) she will relieve me of photo pressure by drawing a sketch related to my writing.  30 minutes or less, just a quick capture of the moment.  I will feel freed to write without worrying about whether or not I snapped a good pic, she has a reason to draw more pictures and you, fine reader, get a double dose of art.

Win and win and win!

So without further ado, here is Corrie’s first sketch.  Backdated to yesterday’s picnic post.
(She is quite fond of a certain artist named Edward Gorey, an American writer and illustrator.  If you look at any of his work [some is, well, quite gory] you can see the she is a contemporary of his.)


Two great things about this photo besides the fact that it’s great.
1) I lost my camera today, meaning I had to take a picture of this with my computer, meaning I could not figure out how to flip the image, meaning you are seeing a mirror image of the actual drawing.  Corrie doesn’t write from right to left.  Although that would be an interesting signature in its own right…)
2) Sparrow got the picture wet within 30 seconds of its arrival at our house.  Thus the smear over Corrie’s arm.  Bless Sparrow for her enthusiasm of all things.
3) Bonus item that has nothing to do with this picture.  The Schmidt’s picked tonight to grill pork ribs for dinner (we raise pigs!)  Just before the ribs were pulled off the grill, thick with barbecue sauce and messiness, I used the last paper towel in the house to wipe up a little bit of water on the counter.  We ate the entire batch of ribs with nary a paper towel or a napkin. It was just us, our sleeves and a blind eye.  Alanis Morissette–we were a perfect verse for your not-actually-ironic song.

We survived.



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