Gleanings From the Syrup Season

There is a crystal clear sap hidden in the long, slender bone of a maple tree that holds the promise of a sweet, golden syrup.  This fact is reason enough for me to recognize and devote myself to the worship of One True God.

maplespilewildfoodism2That it takes hours of painstaking labor to haul the sap, patient and excessive hours of tedium spent over a wood stove and even more spent over a cook stove with sticky spoons and malfunctioning thermometers to behold a jar of syrup, is experience enough for me to realize the person this One True God has in mind for me to be is no where near the person I currently am.

IMG_8901To know that it takes 30-40 gallons of that clear sap to make one gallon of coveted syrup means I am learning to admit how much of me needs to be given to the fire before what is worthy can be revealed.


But when it is finished?  The hours, the labor & stress & time & energy & minutia of an endeavor that produces a small collection of maple syrup, this small life of mine…Was it worth the cost?

I am trusting the answer to be yes.  

A million times & eternally so.


And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.  Phillipians 1:6


About Amy Woschek Schmidt

little moon hoping to reflect the Light. writer of stories. mama to sparrow. wife to schmidty. wholy redeemed by the Holy One, Jesus Christ.
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