A Prayer for Blindness

Oh, my little one.

Look there, stretched out in front of you: a world filled with kindness & goodness & startling beauty.   So much light.  So much that, at times, you’ll feel like you can’t breathe.


And yet.  There is a darkness.  And in this darkness, there is so much sadness & injustice & cruelty & hatred.  So much so, that you’ll think the light has been swallowed by the darkness.  And sometimes, it will be so dark you’ll feel like you can’t breathe.

What to do, little one?  I can give myself over to what Light there is.  I can pray that you will, too.  But there will still be darkness.  It will seep into the cracks of the house I’ve built to keep you safe. It will blow through the windows I’ve opened to let in Light.

And this darkness, it will hurt you.  And it will hurt me.  And it will hurt our neighbors and our friends and all of the 7 billion people who call this strange world home.

And because we are already hurting, it will be so easy to hurt each other more.  It will become as easy as breathing.

So.  I pray for you every night.  I pray the obvious prayers every mother prays for her child: safety, companionship, opportunity.  I love you and I want these things for you.  But when I really contemplate what it is I want for you, these things, these good and worthy things, fall away and I find myself pleading simply for this: a love that is blind.

Not love that is blind to differences.  Differences are to be noticed.  Because they are beautiful and worth exploring and celebrating and loving for their own sakes.

Not love that is blind to reality.  There is no excuse for a love-struck fool who parades around in an alter-universe where injustice does not exist.  It does exist and love demands that you address it.

Not love that is blind to your own shortcomings.  You have many.  You were born into sin as surely as I was.  As surely as each human is.  Do not be blinded (and therefore, ruined) by self-love.

My prayer for you is to possess a love that is blind to everything that would tempt you to not love. 

A love that is blind to fear.  Refuse to let fear into your line of sight.  Fear is the fuel of darkness and it will consume you like a terrible fire.

A love that is blind to ignorance.  See it only long enough to shun it.  Then learn everything you can about what you don’t understand.  As with fear, darkness thrives on ignorance.

A love that is blind to hatred.  Hatred is a sly and cunning serpent whose lies can sometimes look like truth.  Be blind to these lies and you will never mistake them for truth.

A love that is blind to apathy.  Don’t do nothing.  Be radical in your actions, so long as they are gilded, girded and controlled by that which blinds you in the first place.

A love that is blind as Christ was blind.  Jesus, whose eyes I want you (and me) to have, saw only the Redemptive Promise that shimmered in the farthest corner of the darkness. He kept his eyes fixed on It, even as He was fixed to a cross.  Had He shifted His gaze to anything else, had He let Himself be blinded by anything other than Perfect, Redemptive Love, darkness would have won.

But He didn’t.  And darkness didn’t win .  And it won’t win.  Because there is a Shimmer and it is growing.  And if you fix your eyes on it, if you are blind to everything but this, it will guide you perfectly in the ways of Love.

This, little one, this kind of blindness is my prayer for you and for all 7 billion people who call this strange world home.



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little moon hoping to reflect the Light. writer of stories. mama to sparrow. wife to schmidty. wholy redeemed by the Holy One, Jesus Christ.
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