I have some poems floating out in the ether.  Many are in print, available for purchase and a few are free to read on the journal’s website.

  • “Grocery Getter”; “Combustion Engine: Hearts”  Santa Clara Review 2008
  • “Visiting the Home of My Newborn Daughter” Calyx 2010
  • “Preparing the Heart” Storm Cellar  2014
  • “Ornithology and the Art of Knowing”   Free State Review 2014
  • “1991”; “Memoir of the First and Last” Kindred 2014
  • “Jake L. Davidson, I Have Your Journal”  From the Depths 2014
  • “Chavah”   Jewish Literary Review 2014
  •  “Barricade Against” Profane 2014 Issue 1
  • “Unrequited Affections Catching on the Breeze” Mud Season Review 2014
  • “Earthworms and Their Various Takes on Rain” Ruminate Winter 2015
  • “Oracle of Arachnid”; “To the Pot of Dead Flowers” Dunes Review 2014
  • “To: You of Constant Disappearing”; “Through the Looking-Glass” Hermeneutic Chaos Review
  • “My Father Has a Stroke” The Florida Review 2015 (forthcoming)
  • “Sobering Sweet” Your Impossible Voice 2015
  • “To Sarah, Given Away”; Eulogy, Belated”; “Decades After the Cancer    Triumphed”  Camroc Press Review 2015
  • “In Autumn, When Things Are Dying” Smartish Pace 2015
  • “He Knows How We Were Formed, He Remembers That We Are But Dust” Tar River Poetry 2015
  • Train Wreck & Other Disasters”; “Progress” American Anthenaeum 2015
  • “Senescence” Meat For Tea: The Valley Review 2015
  • “Manners & Madness”; “Almost” Tenemos 2015
  • “Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema, Seraphim in Scarlet” BOAAT 2015
  • “Plea at the Edge of Dying”; “Troublesome Creek Farm” Radar Poetry, 2015
  • “Singing Praise to the Roof, the Walls” Taproot Magazine, Issue 16
  • “Picking Out Your Nail Polish” Harpur Palate, 2015
  • “Bringing News to Gray” Taproot Magazine, Issue 18
  • “A Word Requiring No Translation” Taproot Magazine, Issue 20





2 Responses to Publications

  1. Jennie says:

    I just read Bringing News to Gray in Taproot, and was very moved. Thank you.

    • Amy Woschek Schmidt says:

      Hey Jennie. Thanks so much for the note. I’m glad the story was impactful to you as a reader.

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