Hi Friends.

I wish I were saying ‘hi’ because you just knocked on my door and my hound dog just lumbered off the couch to sniff you and you were taking off your snow boots and agreeing to a cup of coffee.

However, since you are reading this and not standing at my front door (though you are welcome any time–we have a really uncomfortable hide-a-bed for you to sleep on!) I will just say this:  I am glad you are here, at this blog.

I keep this blog because I truly enjoy writing, because I believe we live an interesting life, one that involves interesting stories worth telling, because it is a way for me to worship the One who gave me the enjoyment of writing and because it allows me to articulate, however uneloquently or eloquently it comes out, who Christ is and why He is the only True Thing deserving of our attention.

The blog is entitled One Filament Against the Firmament because of the poem by the same title.  To me, this poem is a cry to stand up against forgetting.  Forgetting Truth, forgetting beauty, forgetting each other.  It is a plea for the eye to actual look, for the mind to truly think, for the heart to truly feel.  And with its words, I am inspired to do just that.  It is a battle cry to reclaim purpose.  And, in my personal interpretation on it, that is Purpose with a capital P.  Our Purpose, our identity in Christ.

Join me, learn with me, pay attention with me, rejoice with me and catch my spelling errors with me (thanks Dad <3).  And please, share your thoughts.  I crave them.  I hope this can be a community, a beautiful conversation over coffee (minus the coffee and the face-to-face contact.  Lame, but we’ll take what we can get, right?).

Shalom, friends.

One Filament Against the Firmament

–Matthea Harvey from “Pity the Bathtub Its Forced Embrace of the Human Form”

Most days Group V. practice on seeing through/Prisms because of the way they bend in light/They are considered the first marker of advanced/Sight tests had been conducted on them all as/Children these ones could examine a dewdrop/Perched on a furred leaf and not cry when it fell to/The ground had no more data to give though later/The books would be buried to give us something new/To discover God could not be a matter of spaceships/ The way must be found through the mind and the/Eyes are distractible as the Leader discovered one night/In a stairwell when one lightbulb overhead managed/To distract him from the sky outside he decided/That finding beauty pointless might actually be the/Point at something and then see past it became/The first lesson to lessen attachment to things put/Here to distract us of course there were detractors/Who thought the fingers or tongue would work just/Fine lines of personality scar the fingertips though/And tastebuds cannot belie their bias only the mind/And the eyes could absorb indefinitely pupils practiced/Not shrinking at the sun it was an honor to go blind/Trying to ignore the tiny creatures that float across/Our eyes was a task that drove hundreds crazy because/It didn’t make sense that something tiny and see-through/Could lure the gaze away from the Taj Majal or a Monet/Which is what they practiced in front of because of the lovely/Colors and affection for them were eliminated later as were/All forms of luxury like being able to see your family/Across the breakfast table they all disappeared one by/One day everybody woke up alone and couldn’t find/Each other and they would have all died from standing/Still there was one girl who hadn’t been able to stop loving/The word marshmallow and one boy who had a favorite/Color slowly seeped back into the world and a new group/Formed to research why it had but it never became clear


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    Gorgeous. Thank you! Love ` Gillian

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